A trading platform for every asset class.

AudaSynth is a trading platform which allows trading of every asset in the investable universe. Trading on AudaSynth means easily accessing products that are normally unavailable in the traditional market.

The problem

Not every asset in the traditional market are accessible to retail traders. Many asset classes, such as Luxury, Collectibles, Real Estate, Carbon Credits and many more, have enourmous entry barriers. In addition, most of such assets have largely illiquid markets, so buyers often find it difficult to open or close positions at any time. because of this lack of liquidity, some of those assets are also not efficiently priced on the traditional market.

The Solution - AudaSynth

To solve this problem, AudaSynth gives traders access to all assets with no minimum capital requirements. With our platform users are able to open a position on assets which would be traditionally impossible to trade.

AudaSynth, throughout its cutting-edge liquidity protocol, also allow its users to open or close any position at any time without having to worry about liquidity. Last but not least, AudaSynth has lower fees and a better user interface compared to current market solutions.

AudaSynth users are provided a solution that allows better and more efficient portfolio management and diversification, and it achieves that in a way that is affordable and accessible.

AudaSynth manages to achieve this solution via two products: Synthetic tokens and Asset-Backed tokens.

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