Overview: $AUDA + NFTs

Brief introduction to $AUDA and AudaSynth NFTs

AudaSynth will deploy two different tokens:

  1. $AUDA is the utility token of AudaSynth and it's used for unlocking memberships and premium features. $AUDA is a ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

  2. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a limited-edition tokens which are used to access the Exclusive CLUB and unlock Ultimate memberships. ERC-721 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

Below there is a brief description of the memberships and features. For a detailed description visit the dedicated page.

AUDA Token -> Unlock LITE & PRO Memberships

$AUDA, the native utility token of AudaSynth, has been designed in order to offer a more user-friendly and cost-effective way to access premium features and reduce the fee structure.

AudaSynth will unveil some features at the launch, but the Team has in mind many other plans for future premium features and membership access.

$AUDA, in the vision, will become the native coin of AudaSynth's blockchain and it will be used for setting up and delegating $AUDA to validators. The upcoming AudaSynth blockchain is still to be developed and designed.

AudaSynth NFTs -> Access the Exclusive CLUB

AudaSynth will issue a total of 1,000 NFTs limited edition. The NFTs will be issued gradually via auctions directly on AudaSynth platform and as a marketing tool for contests.

AudaSynth NFTs will have embeeded utility. In fact, NFTs will allow to access the Audasyth Exclusive CLUB, in which users can access dedicated premium contest, launchpads, events tickets.

AudaSynth NFTs will be officially announced and be issued after the AudaSynth platform launch.

$AUDA + NFT -> ULTIMATE Membership

Holding a 100,000 $AUDA AND 1 AudaSynth NFT, will allow the user to access the Ultimate Membership, which can't be accessed in any other way. The Ultimate membership is exclusive (Max Cap: up to 1,000 users will access it) and it will allow for more benefits and privileges.

Check the table for a detailed view of the unlockable memberships

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