$AUDA Utility Model

Firstly, $AUDA are needed to unlock lifetime memberships within the AudaSynth ecosystem. Users will be able to unlock any AudaSynth membership based on the amount of AUDA staked in the AudaSynth account balance. Whenever the amount of $AUDA staked fall below a designated amount, the users will no longer access the membership.

Secondly, users can use $AUDA tokens in order to access a one-time -25% discount on a particular trading fee. After such discount has been applied, the number of corresponding $AUDA is subtracted by the user's balance. Moreover, users can use $AUDA tokens in order to access some selected premium features separately for a limited amount of time (monthly/yearly). The pricing will change based on $AUDA market value and this use is intended for those non-crypto-friendly users which want to access particular and traditional-related premium feature (e.g. dedicated API endpoints).

Lastly, $AUDA tokens are expected to become the native coin of the AudaSynth Blockchain. $AUDA will be used for transacting and as a mining reward within the AudaSynth ecosystem. AudaSynth aims to have a wide range of partners and dApps operating on its own blockchain and using $AUDA proprietary technology.

Unlock Lifetime memberships with $AUDA & NFTs

"Staking $AUDA" means locking $AUDA tokens in your account/wallet for unlocking memberships and/or accessing the Exclusive Club. The membership is successfully unlocked whenever your "staked balance" is ABOVE the designated criteria/threshold.

If an user unstake a certain amount of $AUDA and the staked balance fall BELOW any threshold/criteria, then the memberships is no longer unlocked.

Memberships can be unlocked multiple times during your account life. Users can access again an unlocked memberships by staking again $AUDA (or NFT) above any threshold/criteria.

In order to avoid any misusage there is a lockup period when unstaking $AUDA of 7 days. In addition, there is also the option to unstake instantly $AUDA with an "early redemption" mechanism and a penalty fee of 2%. Penalty fee is sent to company Growth wallet.

The table below is a schema of unlockable memberships and Exclusive CLUB:

# $AUDA staked❌ AudaSynth NFT✅ AudaSynth NFT

< 39,999 $AUDA


Exclusive CLUB

> 40,000 $AUDA


LITE + Exclusive CLUB

> 100,000 $AUDA



AudaSynth will reserve the right to change the thresholds at any time.

1) Staking a certain amount of $AUDA will unlock lifetime AudaSynth memberships and gain access to premium features.

2) Staking an AudaSynth NFT will permit the user to access the Exclusive CLUB, which grants premium more community-oriented benefits such as access to exclusive contests, but it will NOT provide access to some features available to AudaSynth memberships. The club is capped at maximum 1,000 users, which is the number of NFT released over time.

3) Staking both $AUDA and 1 AudaSynth NFT will unlock an exclusive membership: the ULTIMATE AudaSynth membership. Ultimate users will access more benefits, discounts and access to the Exclusive CLUB. The Ultimate Memberships is capped at maximum 1,000 users, which is the maximum number of NFT released over time.

AudaSynth Memberships

Some features are hidden and they will be unveiled at different development phase. The following table is a representation of what AudaSynth team wants to provided in the near future.

This is a detailed table with the features included in the memberships:


Synths: trading fee reduction





Asset-backed: trading fee reduction





Vaulting fee reduction





Portfolio auto-rebalancing

Bonus on Staking products





Access to dedicated API endpoints

Prioritized access to launchpads

Access to Real-Life exclusive events

Tickets for contests






Increased referral commission on trading






Exclusive Badge for Social trading

Exclusive access to Beta Testing (Tier-B)

Exclusive access to Beta Testing (Tier-A)

AudaSynth reserve the right to make adjustment and change to the features in order to be aligned with market conditions.

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