AudaSynth's vision is to become a fully regulated decentralized blockchain ecosystem, allowing users to freely and easily trade on our proprietary platform, as well as giving third-party developers a space to create customized smart contracts.

This vision will be achieved with two interlocking parts: the platform and the blockchain.

AudaSynth Platform

The AudaSynth platform will be the main service that AudaSynth provides, it allows users to trade synthetic assets and asset-backed tokens in a simple, cheap, and easy to understand way. With it, many people that were once locked out of many alternative and exotic investments will be able to access them freely and with as little as 1€.

AudaSynth Blockchain

The AudaSynth blockchain is the underlying structure and framework that holds everything together, allowing AudaSynth to create its synthetics and asset-backed tokens. The blockchain will be created as a decentralized and regulated space for both AudaSynth and third-party developers to create their customized smart contracts and meet every necessity.

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