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$AUDA is a ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The total initial supply at launch is 1 billion $AUDA and with a vesting period up to 10 years, depending on the allocation.

When AudaSynth native blockchain will be launched, the total supply will vary due to the block rewards, that are used to incentive whitelisted validators. The mining of new supply is distributed within a span of 40 years, and $AUDA is expected to reach a total supply of 2.095 billion by 2065.

Supply estimation are based on the assumpion that AudaSynth will be issuing its own blockhain in 2025. The blockchain may be delivered at a different time and with different block rewards.

The initial total supply of $AUDA is allocated aiming to:

  • Raise enough capital to start conducting business operations within the European Union framework.

  • Attract new users by performing Launch initiatives, Contests and Airdrops.

  • Attract additional external liquidity for creating a more efficient and liquid market for Asset-Backed tokens and $AUDA token itself.

  • Position AudaSynth long-term through Ecosystem grants for third-parties projects deployed on the AudaSynth blockchain and for locking ad-hoc partnerships with potential partners/communities/Venture Capital firms.

Supply Dynamics data

The chart below represent the $AUDA supply dynamic for both total supply and circulating supply on a yearly basis. It starts from 2024 to 2065. The chart shows how the supply is expected to change based on the vesting period from the initial supply (1 billion) plus the expected $AUDA minted as a block rewards from the AudaSynth native blockchain. $AUDA total supply is expected to reach the maximum supply of 2.095 billion by 2065.

The data regarding the change in total supply and circulating supply are estimations. The official data will be available once the AudaSynth blockchain will be announced in detail.

Memberships dynamics - an utility-based approach

$AUDA it's needed to unlock LITE, PRO and ULTIMATE memberships.

LITE: stake 40,000 $AUDA

PRO: stake 100,000 $AUDA

ULTIMATE: stake 100,000 $AUDA + stake 1 AudaSynth NFT

Running a simulation with some assumptions:

  • an estimated conversion rate of LITE and PRO respectively of 4% and 2% on the forecasted active userbase, as follows: then a 4% user growth rate is applied till 2034.

YearActive Users











  • that ALL circulating $AUDA supply is allocated efficiently to provide the highest number of memberships as possible (extreme scenario which does not happen in reality).

that's obtained this simulation with the following chart:

Which means that the notoriety of AudaSynth may lead to an increased demand for memberships, which number is limited to the number of $AUDA available. This is feature of $AUDA tokenomics allows AudaSynth to provide a limited number of memberships and so to give a more exclusive and VIP experience to LITE, PRO and ULTIMATE members.

This estimation has strong assumptions. It is basically asking the question: β€œWhat if 2% of the active users want to have a LITE membership?” and β€œWhat if 1% of the active users want to have a PRO memberships?”.

It does NOT consider that:

  • there may be some users wanting a PRO and others wanting a LITE.

  • there may be some $AUDA hold dormient in addresses.

  • there maybe some users staking more $AUDA than the unlocking threshold (40,000 and 100,000 for LITE and PRO respectively), so lowering the $AUDA available to other users for obtaining the memberships.

This is just a simulation and may not represent what happen in reality.

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